Creatives, rebels and geniuses.
We're always looking for the most passionate strategists, UX designers, instructional designers, game designers and developers. Our team is made of the best possible heads, driven by the visceral desire to reinvent the learning experience and to innovate every day.
President, CEO
Project Coordinator
The educational system fails in one of the most dynamic time of history. We want to disrupt education and reinvent the learning experience!
The current education system was conceived in the 19th century, dictated by the needs of the industrial revolution. Little has changed since then.
The homo technicus evolved, preconceived ideas and mechanisms of the time no longer meet his need for autonomy. The number of ADHD diagnoses increases at the same rate as standardized assessment.
Some people wonder how we keep driving change. Let them know, we put fun at the core of everything we do. By surrounding ourselves with diverse brains, we overcome dogmas and preconceived ideas. By daring the difference on all front, we keep exceeding our potential. And one last thing, we don't take ourselves too seriously.